What I learned from being a temporary digital nomad

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Amy Ramage

MD & Creative Director



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Opinion: Can temporary nomadism be advantageous for business?

When setting up a new business, it’s difficult to get the work/life balance right. Perfecting work for your clients and growing the business takes centre stage. But this can lead to burnout and an inability to switch off. To do your best work, you also need to know when it’s time to recharge - and act on it.

Our Founder, MD and Creative Director, Amy Ramage, did just that when she swapped her studio in East London for Athens in September. As the proverb goes, change is as good as rest. And working from the beautiful and vibrant city offered the perfect space to reset, refocus, and be re-inspired. All with a stunning view of the Acropolis!

Being a temporary digital nomad can be a hugely rewarding experience. That’s why at Célibataire, we have always championed flexible working. In fact, the team have become experts in working together in different locations, making work ‘work’ however and whatever that means for the individual. And ultimately, it offers the work/ life balance we all aspire to.

Looking to get reinspired? Perhaps you should consider packing your bags! You can learn more about Amy’s experience, as well as all the benefits it can have on your business and personal life in here.

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