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Opinion: Today's business landscape is about so much more than the bottom line

While it’s easy to assume that competition might be the default response in the midst of high inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, the business community appears to be stronger, more supportive and collaborative than ever.

Our Founder, MD and Creative Director, Amy Ramage has been joining more networking events such as those hosted by Agency Hackers, BIMA, and Design Business Association (DBA), and the genuine and transparent support offered by fellow industry and business owners has been invaluable.

Networks such as these offer up an engaging community where you can trade war stories and gain new ideas. It’s a great way to grow as a leader and simply to be reassured that you’re doing a good job.

But we recognise that putting yourself out there can be a scary experience. In MediaCat Magazine, Amy offers her advice. In exploring her own networking experiences, she explains the strength in being vulnerable and how the business landscape today is about so much more than the bottom line - it’s about helping others thrive.

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