True wisdom in business is all about leveraging past experiences

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Opinion: Age and Wisdom are not equal

Age and Wisdom are not equal. Rather than an accumulation of facts, wisdom is more about knowing which facts are relevant to you and why. This is why true wisdom is all about leveraging your past experiences. The more varied your life experiences are, the more likely you are to be able to apply this to future decision-making.

Why is this important for business? Because it’s added reason to take risks, be bold and sometimes, make the ‘scary’ choice. In MediaCat Magazine, our Founder, MD and Creative Director, Amy Ramage, delves into how being more of a 'risk-taker' has had a huge impact on the success of Célibataire today. As well as how the learnings from those bold moments have helped her through the similarly bold decision to start her agency this year and the many challenges that come along with being a founder.

Get inspired to get some life experiences by reading the full article here.

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