The fight for women to be taken seriously isn’t over

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Opinion: You have to make friends with failure if you want things to get better

Despite much progress and work toward gender equality, there is still a continued push for women to be taken seriously in business.

In MediaCat, our Founder, MD, and Creative Director Amy Ramage discusses the barriers that women still face, including the lack of representation of women in decision-making positions, and how this can cultivate a vicious cycle of feeling second-best.

It can have profound implications not only on how men treat women but in how women treat themselves. Unconscious bias is still prevalent, and these internalised biases are also closely linked with impostorism.

According to research by Natwest, nearly two-thirds of women have considered starting their own business but haven't due to feelings of imposter syndrome.

To create a future in which women are taken more seriously, and an equitable business environment is the norm - we have to start by changing how common these feelings are.

For Amy's tips on how she overcame feelings of self-doubt when founding Célibataire, read the article here.

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