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We're at the beginning of our sustainability journey

We don’t have all the answers just yet. That cannot, and will not - stop us from putting sustainable work and business practices at our core, from the start. We are committed to learning as much as we can and to continue to find new ways to improve as we grow.

We’re incredibly conscious of the way we do business. Operating ethically - for people and the planet - is an essential part of our brand. We have certain privileges as a small, hybrid studio. This doesn't mean we can rest on our laurels.

We don’t have multiple offices or commercial sites. We are advocates for making work ‘work’ however and whatever that means for the individual. We simply don’t need to have the whole team commuting to a workspace every day. We have a hybrid model, so the option is there for those who want it. Working for home - at present - offers a better work/life balance for some of our team.

We support independent retailers. We use - every time we search online and as a browser extension. The profit made pays to plant trees around the world - it’s one of the simplest switches we’ve made. We will never look back.

We believe meetings and face-to-face time is vital - both for company culture and nurturing relationships. It’s also good for the soul to spend time with colleagues, clients and partners. We walk, cycle or take public transport where possible. When taking the train, we use Train Hugger to offset the carbon emissions.

We're starting by calculating our carbon footprint. Our client services director, Rachael has enrolled on the Net Zero Strategy for Business course to learn more. We will be opting for, and working with, greener providers - across the business - whose brand ethics align with our own.

Embedding smart, sustainable practices in our digital design

We are the experts in creating beautiful digital experiences for our clients and their customers. We are not producing physical goods en masse. Yet we still have an environmental impact that we need to be responsible for.

We perform a sustainability analysis at the start of every project. We advise on how the design could be completed more sustainably. We use technology to reduce or offset the impact of digital experiences - offering dark mode settings on builds where appropriate can enable planet-friendly choices. We partner with sustainable organisations.

Committing to greener practices isn’t a ‘once and done’ process.

We know we need to keep learning. We must educate ourselves as new challenges and opportunities arise. We commit to putting time aside each week to research the sustainable initiatives we can implement to have an even more significant positive impact.

If our sustainability pledge resonates with your business and you’d like to hear more about  beautiful, yet sustainable digital experiences, drop us a line at

Equally, we’d love to hear any thoughts or best sustainability practices from others in the industry. What have you implemented and would recommend? We are always keen to learn and collaborate.

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