In 2023 mentorship will still be the key to businesses thriving and surviving

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Opinion: Mentorship is pivotal to entrepreneurial success

Entrepreneurship can be challenging for anyone. A helping hand can go a very long way, and this is where the role of mentor steps into the limelight. Mentorship can be pivotal to offering a ‘reality check’ that no business is perfect, as well as objective perspective and insight.

Yet, despite the benefits of mentoring being evident, there are still too many business owners who do not have a mentor. And for women, that number is even smaller. According to DDI research, 63% of female business leaders confirm that they have never had a formal mentor.

In New Digital Age, our Founder, MD and Creative Director, Amy Ramage, shares her experience of mentorship, explaining why so many women are hesitant around leveraging this opportunity for growth and the need for this to change. Ultimately, in 2023, mentorship will still be the key to businesses thriving and surviving!

To learn more about the benefits of mentorship, read Amy’s full piece here.

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