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This International Women’s Day, there is a reason to celebrate. The Rose Review Progress Report published last month revealed that over 150,000 all-women-led companies were founded in 2022. This is more than twice as many as were founded in 2018, just before the Rose Review was first published.

We’re proud to add Célibataire to that stat - and be part of this continued growth. However, compared to men’s ventures, it still pales. Globally, men outnumber women 3-1 in business ownership. And since the world gender ratio is roughly equal, this cannot accurately reflect women’s abilities.

It’s a fact we know first-hand due to the amazing and inspirational women - from colleagues to clients, friends and family - that have been a part of Célibataire’s journey since its inception and have undoubtedly helped to shape the business it is today. We’ve decided to dedicate this month’s blog post to those women. Here are just some of the women across industries that have inspired Célibataire recently:

Women supporting other women

Giving women space to tell their stories cannot be underestimated. This is how we continue to elevate each other and share the hurdles we’ve faced. The following women have built networking spaces where women offer each other guidance, support or even just an ear. Some of these inspirational women have been that ear for Célibataire as a business coach or friend, helping to navigate challenges and develop growth strategies.

Viviane Paxinos, CEO, Allbright
Aly Young, Managing Director, Aly Young Law & Co-Founder, WMN Folkestone
Catherine Hyde, CEO, HooperHyde Legal Advisors
Claire McTernan, Business Consultant, Growing Service Businesses

Being a role model for game-changing digital innovation

Despite the lack of representation in the tech sector, women are leading the way in building creative, productive and innovative platforms. Through a growth agency that helps innovative start-ups, a platform that helps expats relocate, and a campaign that highlights women-owned businesses, these role models are ensuring that women's experiences - as well as men’s - inform the direction of digital innovation.

Mary Keane-Dawson, Managing Partner, Kiln
Pauline Micmacher, Founder and CEO, Settl’in
Sahar Hashemi, Co-Founder, BUY WOMEN BUILT
Tia Lancaster, Founder & CEO, REVALUATE180

Leading in a male-dominated industry

It’s no secret that media, marketing and advertising has a gender issue. However, many women are founding and running brilliant businesses in the space. It is an encouragement to other women in the industry that they can do the same. As such, thanks to the following brilliant women, new opportunities will arise for trailblazers to take up the mantle and become the next generation of inspiring female leaders.

Dr Laura Cantora, Founder, Fluence Translations
Naimeh Zarezadeh, Founder, Mediatative

Changing fashion, beauty and wellness for the better

From those with sustainability at the core of everything they do to breaking taboos and enhancing cognitive performance, here is just a selection of female leaders with brilliant purpose. Every day, their products and services make us feel confident, happy and empowered.

Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh, co-founders, HANX
Clare Dobbie, Chief Customer Officer, New Look
Nina Hopkins, Founder and Creative Director, Jakke
Natalia Ramsden, Founder and CEO, SOFOS Associates

When a woman achieves, we must celebrate it because it paves the way for others and shapes gender attitudes and career aspirations of what women can and cannot do. The more successful women we see, the more likely we are to be successful ourselves.

Whether you’ve got a co-worker doing a great job, a business LI connection who just posted about a great achievement or a family member who’s always been there for you - join us in giving them a shout-out and/or dropping them a supportive message this IWD!

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