9 hot graphic design trends for 2023

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Amy Ramage

MD & Creative Director



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Branding for Nike's GTM app by Unit9

Design trends, styles, and techniques constantly change as the design industry evolves. In such a fast-paced industry, keeping on top of trends can be a feat in itself.

It’s a good thing, then, that Creative Bloq has given us a headstart. From digital dreamscapes to multidimensional visual identities, angular designs to platform-agnostic aesthetics, they’ve revealed the most prominent graphic design trends for 2023.

Our own Founder, MD and Creative Director, Amy Ramage, is featured too - offering her take on one of the trends to watch - The Metaverse.

Think 3D illustrations and AI-inspired avatars, with plenty of neon colour palettes, glitch effects and futuristic photography sprinkled in. L’Oreal’s multi-brand beauty partnership with Metaverse avatar platform Ready Player Me is a brilliant example of creative expression in a virtual context.

Check out all the trends here.

Image credit: Nike/Unit9

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