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Moving with the times

The Harrods brand needs no introduction. Founded in 1849, it now has over 300 departments and is synonymous with high-end shopping in London. Even world-famous stores have to keep up with digital shopping trends, however, and our team was brought in to consult on and execute a full-scale ecommerce re-platform project.

The challenge was to completely redesign and modernise Harrods’ site, to extend its functionality, enhance the user experience and put the brand at the forefront of digital retail. It was important to retain the spirit of the store, embracing modernity yet remaining “uniquely Harrods”.

With a two-year lead time, the design had to anticipate where the market would be on go-live. Our goals were to showcase and service Harrods’ huge inventory, showcase brands within a Harrods context and present new trend insights effectively.

The site also needed to incorporate new functionalities: support multiple currencies, bring customer reward accounts online, and cover a huge range of international and domestic fulfillment options.

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Célibataire's solution

In order to create an exemplary digital retail experience for Harrods’ customers, we came in with a multi-pronged approach.

Working closely with Harrods.com’s Programme Director, we headed up the user experience, provided web analysis, information architecture responsive expertise, and the overall design direction.

We then sent the frontend submission for backend implementation to Harrods’ technology partner, IBM, who reported it as “one of the finest submissions we have ever seen, far above the expected standard”.

Our design celebrates the Harrods brand values: Luxury, Innovation and Service. These values are reflected in how the site looks and behaves (the transitions, interactions and moments of delight) as well as the elevated, monochromatic aesthetic. Beautiful editorial content creates a Harrods ‘world’ and rich brand experience.

12 unique Product Details Page (PDPs) templates were created as part of the rollout. After all, the page design that works best to sell couture is vastly different to crockery or other homewares. Many ecommerce sites use a single PDP template for all products, but we felt a wider consideration better reflected the Harrods values — and their customers’ expectations.

Harrods website desktop example screens

One of the finest submissions we have ever seen, far above the expected standard"

IBM Technology Partner

Célibataire’s robust Design System ensures a clear visual language for years to come. Now, the Harrods in-house teams and their partners are empowered to launch new features and content with consistency, style and grace.

The Results

  • +26%

    Increase in Add to Bag

  • +43%

    Conversion from Homepage

  • +46%

    Get to Product

  • +13%


The performance results of our complete ecommerce digital transformation for Harrods were extraordinary. The brand reported boosts in sales across the board.

When Harrods launched a new 2020 site to keep up with modern trends, much of the UX and design elements of our site were carried across as it had been so effective.

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