Little green lies are not so little

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Amy Ramage

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Have you ever told a little white lie? Maybe laughed at an unfunny joke or told someone their new lipstick shade is “lovely’. We all do it. Most of the time, it is well-intentioned and most importantly, it doesn’t have a significant impact.

However, not all little white lies are white. Increasingly, they’re green.

Greenwashing is a new tactic that many brands have adopted in their attempt to appear ‘green’ or more sustainable to their customers. We’re seeing this more and more in the fashion industry, where products presented as green are far from it.

The problem with greenwashing is that it’s not a harmless lie. It means customers are putting their hard-earned cash into lies, and in turn, they are unintentionally harming the planet.

In MediaCat Magazine, our Founder, MD and Creative Director, Amy Ramage, discusses the impact of greenwashing within the fashion industry. She discusses the need for truth and honesty when it comes to sustainability, and ultimately, if the truth hurts, shouldn’t something have to change?

To read the full piece here.

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